Roberson e-catalogue 2019 98 Plaka Casein Emulsion (while stock lasts) Adheres to most porous surfaces. For use on rigid surfaces only. 34 colours available. Some colours can be used when gilding to imitate traditional clay colours. Dries to a satin finish and is water-resistant and non-fading Various Regular Shades 50ml 6 4.67 5.60 Various Bronzes 50ml 6 7.25 8.70 Size MOQ ExVat IncVat White Ref 01 Lemon Ref 10 Yellow Ref 11 Skin Color Ref 20a Vermilion Ref 24 Blue Ref 30 Dark Blue Ref 35 Green Ref 44 Grey Ref 72 Red Violet Ref 32 Yellow Green Ref 42 Medium Green Ref 43 Dark Green Ref 47 Red Brown Ref 52 Brown Ref 55 Dark Brown Ref 56 Black Ref 70 Light Blue Ref 37 Carmine Red Ref 22 Signal Red Ref 23 Orange Ref 15 Yellow Ochre Ref 18 Pelikan Plaka Casein Paints Plaka Regular Discount Code B