Roberson e-catalogue 2019 73 Charbonnel Water-washable Etching Inks Charbonnel AquaWash Etching Inks Water-washable inks with oil emulsion suitable for intaglio printing including etching, drypoint, aquatint, monoprint and mezzotint. CH3323XXX Series 1 60ml 3 8.25 9.90 CH3323XXX Series 2 60ml 3 8.92 10.70 CH3323XXX Series 3 60ml 3 10.58 12.70 CH3324XXX Blacks only (tin) 150ml 1 16.67 20.00 Thick Transparent Medium Discount Code D Equivalent to Transparent White Lake in the standard range. Can be mixed with any colour, and increases transparency while retaining the same texture. As with the colours, this medium softens on kneading, and does not change the colour with regard to its tack and its adhesion in the grooves. CH332412 60ml 1 8.25 9.90 AquaWash Oil Discount Code D Equivalent to the light, oily, strong oils in the standard range is used as a colourless thinner to render more fluid those colours that are considered to be too thick at the time of inking or wiping (the equivalent of a few drops is enough) while maintaining their viscosity. It is also used in larger amounts (combined or not combined with water) in the monotype or photopolymer techniques, everywhere that greater fluidity is required. This oil is the binding oil of the AQUA WASH product range. CH332413 75ml 1 6.58 7.90 Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Primrose Yellow Ref 233 PY74 Opaque S3 Vermilion Red Ref 393 PR188-PY74 Opaque S3 Emerald Green Ref 529 PG7 Opaque S2 Raw Sepia Ref 121 PR101-PBk9-PBr7 Opaque S1 Deep Yellow Ref 179 PY83 Opaque S3 Ultramarine Ref 043 PB29 Opaque S1 Payne’s Grey Ref 261 PB29-PBk9 Opaque S1 Warm Sepia Ref 120 PB29-PBK9-PBR7 Opaque S3 Geranium Red Ref 375 PR48:2-PV23 Opaque S3 Cardinal Red Ref 676 PR112 Opaque S3 Prussian Blue Ref 046 PB27 Opaque S2 Ocean Blue Ref 904 PB15:3 Opaque S2 Basic Bistre Ref 708 PR101-PBk6-PY7 Opaque S2 Sanguine Ref 397 PR101 Opaque S3 Yellow Ochre Ref 302 PY42 Opaque S1 Burnt Sienna Ref 481 PR101-PY42 Opaque S1 BLACK RSR Ref 289 S1 BLACK 55981 Ref 276 S1 Tints: Strong and warm black. Texture: Viscous, powerful and supple black. Tints: Mid. Black. Texture: Very viscous, but easier to wipe than 55985:for deeply etched lines or Burin engraving. BLACK 55985 Ref 279 S1 BLACK LUXE C (Carbon) Ref 287 S1 Tint: Cold, intense black. Reinforces the other blacks Texture: Most viscous black, for deep etching, drypoint, burin and mezzotint . Tint: Slightly bluish black. Reinforces the other blacks Texture: Viscous, tacky and difficult to wipe.. BLACK F66 Ref 286 S1 CARBON BLACK Ref 291 S1 Tints: Mid. Black. Texture: Low viscosity, easy to wipe. Tints: Warmer Black. Texture: Low viscosity, easy to wipe. SOFT BLACK (Easy wipe) Ref 285 S2 B SNOW WHITE Ref 916 S2 Tint: Weak black. Texture: Very supple, low viscosity, easy to wipe. Tints: Warmer Black. Texture: Low viscosity, easy to wipe. Discount Code D