Roberson e-catalogue 2019 15 Roberson Treasure Gold & Liquid Leaf Discount Code D Discount Code D Liquid Leaf Remarkable gilding paint that contains its own red primer and film of lustrous gold, premixed into a single liquid. It flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful, lustrous finish. It is so controllable that it can be used with striping brush or ruling pen for fine lines and scrolls. Liquid Leaf can be used on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, papier-mache and cardboard. It can also be used as an ink. One colour of Liquid Leaf can be used over another once dry. For air brushing all colours can be thinned with the Brush Bath. This easy-to-control one-step paint gives a brilliant sheen without brassiness, a permanent finish more closely resembling traditional leafing. A 30ml bottle will cover approximately 2sq/m. CR7931x Blister Pack 30ml 10 8.25 9.90 CR7940x 250ml 1 31.33 37.60 Treasure Sealer Discount Code D Clear, non-yellowing protective varnish designed for Liquid Leaf and Treasure Gold. Retards tarnishing and seals painted surfaces. CR79601 60ml 1 6.33 7.60 CR79604 250ml 1 15.83 19.00 Treasure Gold Metallic wax which is unexcelled in restoring gold leaf and the finishing touches for antiquing. Blend any of the colours together for just the right shade. Apply with the fingers or a cloth and buff lightly. The metal lustre will not fade or tarnish. Treasure Gold is easy to use on furniture, frames, ceramics or virtually any other surface and it adheres to contoured surfaces without cracking or peeling whilst touch drying immediately to a permanent non-tarnishing finish. It is ready to be polished in ten minutes. Treasure Gold is highly concentrated and is to be used sparingly. A 25g jar will cover approximately 2sq/m. CR7911x Blister Pack 25g 10 8.25 9.90 Liquid Leaf Brush Bath Thinner & Solvent Brush Bath is a paint thinner and solvent especially formulated for the thinning or cleaning of Liquid Leaf. For spray application, use 15-20% Brush Bath with Liquid Leaf. For cleaning, apply to a soft cloth and wipe affected area. For thinning, mix a small amount of Brush Bath with Liquid Leaf, stirring or shaking container until desired consitency. To clean brushes, pour Brush Bath into a small container and let brushes soak. CR79602 60ml 1 6.33 7.60 CR79603 250ml 1 15.83 19.00 Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Copper Ref 7 Silver Ref 8 Classic Gold Ref 1 Florentine Gold Ref 2 Renaissance Gold Ref 3 White Fire Ref 4 Brass Ref 5 Pewter Ref 6 Both ranges are available in the same eight metallic shades: