Roberson e-catalogue 2019 107 Soft Artists’ Eraser S20 Discount Code E FTCMFS20 56x24x14mm 20 0.67 0.80 Artists’ Soft Rub (Gum) Eraser SR1 Discount Code E Using gentle pressure, a fine deep-cleaning powder is produced which will absorb and remove graphite, charcoal and dirt without damaging the surface of the paper. A dabbing motion is the best technique and this will create effects similar to a brush or blender. This product is very soft and will not leave a residual film on the paper. Use to make shadows and special effects. FTBMF10315 25 1.58 1.90 Kneadable Eraser K20 Discount Code E This product performs as more than an eraser. It can be divided and shaped by hand for precision erasing, creating highlights, or performing detailing work. It has great adsorption power. Ideal for artists and suitable for removing charcoal, graphite, pastel chalk strokes and in subtractive drawing techniques. It can be used for slightly erasing but not fully erasing the content of graphite. Also known as putty rubber it resembles putty or gum. The eraser absorbs graphite and charcoal particles. FTCCFK20 37x29x10mm 20 1.08 1.30 Synthetic Extra Soft Eraser OV12 Discount Code E FTCMFOV12 62x28x13mm 12 1.08 1.30 Synthetic Extra Soft Triangular Eraser TRI24 Discount Code E FTPMFTRI24 51x46x13mm 24 0.83 1.00 Synthetic Etxra Soft Large XL Eraser 06R Discount Code E FTCMF06R 69x39x19mm 6 2.08 2.50 Cleaning Cushion Discount Code E New concept in removal of pencil, marks and soiling on a variety of surfaces. Used in museums for document restoration and cleaning. Minimises damage to artwork. Gentle and effective in use. For cleaning and restoration of paper, documents, artworks, art drawings, and also useful for walls and photographs. Each cushion contains 120g of non- abrasive synthetic rubber powder. • Cleans utilising a dry cleaning method free of detergent. • Rubber powder removes stains and marks from paper. • Cleaning cotton cushion does not need to be washed. • Safe, long-lasting and non-abrasive. Instructions for use: Gently squeeze and shake the dry cleaning pad until the fine eraser powder appears and forms a thin layer over the area to be cleaned. Work over the paper using a soft brush or using the cleaning pad, depending on the surface. Spread the contents of the pad using a circular motion. Clean the paper with a brush, and remove the dust. Cleaning a Watercolour on Paper To remove outlines and some traces of graphite pencil. Once the watercolour is completely dried, twist the Cleaning Cushion over the artwork. Gently rub the Cleaning Cushion over the watercolour. Spread the contents of the pad using a circular motion. When the fine rubber powder gets dirty (it absorbs a small amount of the colour of the watercolour), clean the paper with a brush, and remove the dust. Clean the paper with a soft synthetic or natural brush, removing the residue. Once cleaned, the pad has completely removed all traces of the graphite pencil. Can also be used if a watercolour has several charcoal and sanguine powder stains. Book Restoration The Cleaning Cushion is also useful to restore papers. Simply sprinkle the rubber powder over the paper to be cleaned. Use a brush to spread the powder and finally remove the remaining powder. Photographs The Cleaning Cushion is also very useful to remove the graphite strokes from photographs. Gently spread the powder with the cleaning cushion and remove the residue with a soft brush. FTSMFCC120 1 9.42 11.30 Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Factis Synthetic Erasers Factis Artists’ Cleaning Cushion F Produced in Spain since 1918, Factis erasers are safe, harmless and non-toxic. They do not contain phthalates (which are used as plasticizers in certain industrial processes), heavy metals or aromatic additives. Factis synthetic erasers are made using a unique and protected formulation. The result is an extra soft eraser with greater adsorption power which will not damage the paper surface. This is ideal for the artist who demands an effective eraser for soft pencil marks that will not damage delicate surfaces.