Roberson e-catalogue 2019 105 Brodie & Middleton Plastic Glitter Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Brodie and Middleton Superfine Glitter Very fine polyester glitter available in a range of 22 attractive colours. All colours come in 40g and 100g screw top clear pots. Silver and Gold are available in bulk quantities. 30000403xxx Main Colours 40g 1 3.83 4.60 100g 1 7.17 8.60 30000403xxx Holographic Silver and Holographic Gold 40g 1 7.17 8.60 100g 1 10.50 12.60 30000403354 30000403355 Pearlised White 35g 1 4.50 5.40 70g 1 9.17 11.00 Silver Holographic Silver Deep Red Gold Pale Gold Red Pale Green Holographic Gold Deep Gold Green Aqua Blue Pale Violet Black Blue Pale Blue Violet Pink Pewter Dark Blue Fuchsia Pearlised White Discount Code D