Roberson e-catalogue 2019 103 Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Miniatum Ink (Pink Colour) Size for high gloss gilding on paper and flexible surfaces. Can be applied with a dip pen or brush for gilding very fine lines and detail work. CR79132E 50ml 1 14.92 17.90 Miniatum Clear Size The same as Miniatum Yellow Size but clear. CR79122E 50ml 1 10.42 12.50 Kölner Base Size Kölner Base offers far more flexibility than oil sizes with their long drying times and short working times. It dries within 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon thickness and remaining porosity of surface. Metal leaf can be applied hours or even days later. This product is designed for the attainment of decorative metallic surfaces that are not exposed to the weather or excessive wear. This product is NOT burnishable. Kölner Base is recommended as an adhesive for genuine gold and metal leaf on all types of non-porous surfaces, smooth or textured. Uses include the preparation of frames, the decoration of sets for theatre, film and window displays as well as architectural ornaments. CR79101F Yellow 100ml 1 11.58 13.90 CR79102F Clear 100ml 1 11.58 13.90 MiniatumYellow Size Size for mirror gloss gilding on paper and flexible surfaces. CR79122A 50ml 1 10.42 12.50 Kölner Gilding Materials & Casein Paints Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Kölner Activator Apply to dry base coat before application of leaf. CR79103F 100ml 1 11.58 13.90 Kölner Casein (Caselo) Paints Casein-based paint for Gilders, Framers and Decorators. Adheres to most rigid surfaces including furniture, also used as a base coat when gilding on frames. Once dry can be burnished to a soft sheen. Water resistant & non fading. Matt / Satin finish. KO15xxxxxx 250ml 1 13.92 16.70 KO15xxxxxx 500ml 1 21.25 25.50 White Ref 456307 Signal Red Ref 206303 Green Ref 656311 Dark Blue Ref 606310 Yellow Ref 356305 Vermilion Ref 106301 Dark Green Ref 706312 Brown Ref 406306 Yellow Ochre Ref 306304 Carmine Ref 156302 Blue Ref 556309 Black Ref 506308 Discount Code B Discount Code B Discount Code B Discount Code B Discount Code B Discount Code B