Roberson e-catalogue 2019 100 Rohrer and Klingner Inks LiquidWatercolour Inks LiquidWatercolour (series 27). 18 shades of highly concentrated organic pigment in a light acrylic base. Low dosage of the binder allows dried colour to be dissolved up to 24 hours after application. Colours retain their strength when diluted with water, Drying Retarder or Gloss Intensifier mediums. Undiluted applications may bronze when dry. RK27xx0012 12 ml 1 7.25 8.70 Gloss Intensifier Rohrer & Klingner LiquidWatercolour Gloss Intensifier 50ml RK27900050 50 ml 1 6.92 8.30 Antique Ink Cleaner Rohrer & Klingner Antique Ink Cleaner for writing instruments. RK29900250 250 ml 1 12.75 15.30 Antique Ink Antique Drawing Ink (Series 28). Acrylic inks in 18 traditional tones. Suitable for use with brushes, dip pens, and technical drawing pens greater than 0.35mm and airbrush. Intermixable with Rohrer’s Drawing Ink Range. RK28xx0100 100 ml 1 7.92 9.50 Antique Ink Glass Pen Gold Made by hand, the Glass Pen nib features fine capillaries that ensure a smooth flow of the ink. RK29201001 1 24.92 29.90 Drying Retarder Rohrer & Klingner LiquidWatercolour Drying Retarder 50ml RK27901050 50 ml 1 6.92 8.30 White 11 Violet deep 41 Chrome Yellow Middle 21 Royal Blue 42 Dark Chrome Yellow 22 Phthalo Blue 43 Chrome Orange 25 Prussian Blue 44 Scarlet 31 Phthalo Green 51 May Green 52 Mossy Green 53 Carmine 33 Magenta 35 Ochre 62 Sienna 63 Umber 66 Black 77 Brown Yellow (Ginster) 24 Maurizius Blue 43 Apricot 32 Lotus Green 51 Madder Red 33 Emerald Green 52 Bordeaux 34 Cheops Green 53 Persian Red 38 Astoria Brown 63 Burnt Umber 64 Caput Mortuum 65 Blue Violet 41 Senegal Blue 42 Bistre 66 Ceres Indian Black 71 Paynes Grey 73 Slate Grey 75 Dokumentus Ink Black & Blue Fountain pen inks are typically made with dyes, meaning that they are not lightfast over time. This ink is made with pigment and is both waterproof and lightfast. Designed for fountain pen and for signing official documents which require long term permanence. Made of small diameter micronized pigment. RK41x00050 50 ml 1 18.75 22.50 Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Size MOQ ExVat IncVat Discount Code D Discount Code D Discount Code D Discount Code D Discount Code D Discount Code D Discount Code D